Textbook Recommendations

The importance of appropriate study materials is obvious to anyone who has ever needed to learn something new. In the electrical trade, education is continuous and essential. There are several textbooks which I think are really great. I have taken time to describe textbooks which I like. But remember, you will encounter other electrical instructors who feel strongly about other textbooks. Consider the source. My recommendations are just the opinion of one man.

Theory Textbook

Of all the electrical theory textbooks I have encountered, most are totally adequate for electricians. But there is one which seems more comprehensive. Electricity One-Seven by Mileaf.  A set of very useful questions and answers are also available. Click HERE to find out more about this great book. Click on the Amazon box icon below to buy a new copy.

This book is also available used  through ABE Books. Any edition will do. I usually have a few well used copies for $25 postpaid. Click HERE to find out about my used copies.


I have even seen it on eBay the auction site for less than $10 plus shipping. You might be luck. Check it out if you're an eBayer.

Click HERE for eBay auction site.

Math Textbook

A specialized textbook for the math of electrical theory is Math for Electricity and Electronics by Singer. This book does an excellent job of providing examples of electrical calculations. I usually have a few copies at $25 postpaid. Send an email to see if I have one for you. dularson@bellsouth.net  It is available new from the Construction Bookstore. It might also be found used through             ABE Books.

Any textbook can not give an adequate number of practice problems. That's where the workbooks which I publish come in handy. My Journeyman License Exam Preparation Calculation Workbook has well over 10,000 practice calculations as does the Masters and Inspector calculations workbooks,

Blueprint Reading for Electricians

American Technical Publishers has revised their fantastic textbook Blueprint Reading and the National Electrical Code 2002 Edition. The diagrams are extremely useful. And the unit tests are comprehensive. It is available from the publisher.


Be sure to purchase the instructor booklet when you buy this workbook. ATP also has a wonderful selection of other technical books.

American Electrician Handbook

This book is published by McGraw-Hill. It should be in the library of every student of the electrical trade. When ever an unusual electrical installation, component, or concept is encountered on the job, this handbook will prove useful. It is available new from the Construction Bookstore. Although it is about a $100 item, it is worth the price.

If you decide to buy a used copy, try to purchase an edition from 1980 or more recent. It is also available in earlier editions for about $20 through ABE Books from time to time.

Handbook to the National Electrical Code

This is an extremely useful book which explanation of content in the NEC®. Only the edition which matched the code in use where you work is appropriate. It will need to be replaced every three years by anyone who must be on top of the code for estimating, installations and inspection. It is published by the National Fire Protection Association.

Click HERE for National Fire Protection Association.

Designing Electrical Systems

This informative comprehensive textbook provides numerous sample problems of interest to anyone preparing for a license exam. It can be used in conjunction with my workbooks. Stallcup has an array of support material available to electricians. Any item you purchase will be well worth the price you pay provided you put in time in hours equal to the dollars you spend. So a $35 book will keep you busy at least 35 hours to get maximum benefit.


Electrical Dictionary

The Tom Henry electrical dictionary is a great investment. It is an indispensable tool for study purposes. Vocabulary is the single most important study area for everyone. Learning the vocabulary will be time consuming but will return huge benefits.


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