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These job locations and types represent the huge variety that may present itself to you as an electrician beginner over your work career. The only difference will certainly be that many of the tasks you'll perform and many of the places you will work are not in existence yet. Techniques, materials, equipment, and systems are all evolving at quite a rapid rate. You'll have a front row seat. My experience went from drilling holes for wire with a hand brace and bit to connecting computers to the internet. Your range of possibilities will be greater, I'm sure.

Now for the list. It will seem long, but I'm probably even forgetting at least half of the places. Making this list sure brought back memories. I present it as a chance for an electrician beginner to see how diverse this electrical occupation can be.

Over my career here is a list of the sorts of places and jobs I have done as an electrician. I have done construction and maintenance in these situations:

Cabins on small lakes in Michigan and Wisconsin, ice cream making plant, dairy, restaurant kitchens, crawl spaces for schools, court houses, stores, houses, attics, campgrounds, gas stations, real estate office, gift shop, new YMCA, pizza shop, car wash, rental cabins, electric heat in many homes, mink ranch, mobile home services, laundramat, motels, hotels, bars, hospital, commercial laundry machines, recreational vehicles, banks, churches, funeral parlor, department store, glove factory, mental institution.

A frame buildings, farm buildings, horse barn, expensive custom homes, court house, residential remodels, commercial conversions, warehouses, insurance office, hundreds of private homes, boat radiator factory, machine shop, supermarkets, production machinery, manufacturing facility, cytology laboratory, carpenter shop, ammunition plant, aluminum plant, new house wiring, hundreds of condominiums, town houses, single family homes, rental apartments, probably a couple thousand single family dwellings, art gallery, antique shop, jewelry shop, apartments, mobile home parks, trailer parks, parking lot lighting.

Copy center, hair salon, dress shop, pack and ship shop, dress shop, low income housing, antique shops, laboratory, auto repair shops, auto dealerships, health food store, swimming pools, docks, boat power supply, radio station, street lighting, post office lighting, department store maintenance, complete mall strip centers, chiropractor office, X Ray machines, doctors office, tennis court lighting, club house, storage spaces, new pizza shop, water pumping station, sewer lift station power, community buildings, paramedic fire station.

Pawn shop, grocery store, audio store, frozen food supermarket, sports bar, law offices, real estate office, brokerage, BB King concerts, hotel, warehouse, landscape lighting, auto body repair shop, computer sales outlet, cabinet manufacturing shop, drug store, lottery machine connections, TV coax systems, telephone wiring, fie alarm wiring, computer connections.


So do you believe it? I can remember many of these jobs quite well. My memory is certainly filled with a lot of useless information. Perhaps now that I have made a list I can free up some of my onboard hard drive.

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