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When you have completed an exam, go on to check your answers against the answer sheet. When done, return to any question where your answer does not match the answer sheet.

Try to figure out how to arrive at the answer sheet response. This activity will help you to respond properly next time when confronted with a similar question.

One way to do this is to backtrack from the article number of the answer. Observe the answer sheet response article number. Then go back to the question looking for the key word or concept which will lead you to that specific article number.

Next go to that article number in the NEC and try to find the specific point in the text which addresses the question. Check headings. When you have found the appropriate text, read it through. Read all of it, not just the few words associated with the question. This activity will help you improve your reading skill, reading comprehension, search technique and memory.

If you are unable to figure out how the answer sheet response was selected, go to the  audio support file for that question. Click the question number to hear a short audio file about that question.

You will need an audio player on your computer to access these files. Make sure your speakers are turned on and the volume is turned up.

Some questions have very short audio support files. These are key word questions without a difficult technique needed to answer beyond identification of the key word. Just learn how to seek out the key word and these questions will become easy for you.

If after listening to the audio file you still do not understand the answer or how to get it, ask other electricians you know. They may be able to explain the question and answer in a way that will clear it up for you.

Lastly if you disagree with an answer, send me an email so I can check the answer. I make mistakes all the time. Help me to improve these exams.


David U. Larson

Find links here to audio support for practice exams.

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REI Residential Electrical Inspector

CEI Commercial Electrical Inspector

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